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Our customer retention team is experienced with a variety of unique and industry proven strategies that work to not just acquire the customer, but secure them as life long clients. With over 39 years of experience in the media industry in conjunction with an understanding of how to manage the reputation of our customer’s brands is what sets Sarala apart from other agencies.

Our strategy is built primarily on the notion of cultivating a high reputation for our customers so that they look at your business as the clear, runaway star of your particular industry. Why should you care about your reputation and the retention of your customers? Think of it like this, the acquisition of a customer is often heralded as the most important aspect of the sales process, however we believe strongly that keeping your customers as a life long customer is even more vital. Why? Because studies indicate that loyal customers spend 67% more than new clients. (Sixads) 

Customer retention services

Database Creation & Analysis

Build long lasting customer relationships.

Find staff that reflect your corporate values

Customer base Coordination

Marketing to your base

Maintaining your database

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