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The word Sarala means simple.

Our company is founded on the notion of providing our customers with a simple marketing solution. We are here to coordinate and support you and your company’s needs. Our goal is to provide you with a unified strategy to optimize your business.

Sarala’s clients include International, North American, Canadian and local companies. Oh by the way, we are also partnered with professional sports teams.

Vince Tripathy

Strategic Coordinator

Vince Tripathy is a 38 years communications professional with a broad range of sales and marketing expertise within major broadcasting companies focused within the automotive, restaurants, sports and retail fields.

His experience includes applications and presentations to the national, regional and local companies. Sarala Business Solutions is a marketing company that is now 6 years old.

Interests include family, basketball, music and investments.

Case Studies

We monitor and optimize your solutions to ensure optimum results.

A computer business with multiple Western Canadian locations whose stores are located in markets that have both NHL and CFL teams. This client has not accessed co-op dollars in the past. A comprehensive sports marketing was plan put together and business partnerships formed to meet the client’s needs. Co-op dollars are accessed to help fund program. Multi-faceted relationships are formed with teams, they become customers of the computer business through meeting their needs and building personalized IT portals for the teams. Computer business forms relationships with sponsorship base of the sports team and builds business relationships with those teams. This type of relationship is a win-win.

A radio group with multiple stations in multiple provinces is having issues around generating revenue. Development of a customized sales process is necessary along with a strategy for initial contact, as well as a creation of sales process. Later stages of sales process included training of reps on process along with weekly review and update with progress. Ultimately the design of packaging was addressed to help the group secure long term business. Process also involves $10,000 federal grant in year two to help with subsidized training in other markets with design to create a full corporate training program and sales culture that would involve corporate training, social marketing, web design for all stations and would involve weekly training, follow up, quarterly in market visits and ultimately creation of long term marketing plans to help stations move from short term to long term business.

Multi-market mass media strategy review and refinement to maximize client spend in areas such as radio. This includes negotiation of rates, schedules and yearly plan. New initiatives to enhance business in a struggling economy include a tightening of audience for marketing campaigns.This particular strategy might call for inclusion in ethnic newspapers,as well as the targeting of high school  and post-secondary grads. Final part of the strategy includes coordination of social media and AdWords to support weekly features and to support radio campaign. Additional goal includes saving client money on IT ,pos,licensing,etc. for their restaurants

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