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The Sarala advantage

If you want big things you need better solutions, it’s as simple as that.

Time is Money! – Save precious time on your marketing because you have a reliable partner who you can trust.

Save Time Less time doing what we do means more time to focus on your business and your bottom line

Save money – Working with the proper marketing company can bring you more meaningful results and increased profits.

One-to-One Approach – Our One-to-One service approach means your needs are always addressed. With a focus on critical assessment and growth, Saralas marketing approach has helped all types of businesses from car dealerships, to professional sports teams.

While Saralas’ clients include companies from around the globe, they all have one thing in common, they all have the passion to do what it takes to grow their business.

The word Sarala means simple.

Our company is founded on the notion of providing our customers with a simple marketing solution. We are here to coordinate and support you and your company’s needs. Our goal is to provide you with a unified strategy to optimize your business.

Vince Tripathy

Strategic Coordinator

Vince Tripathy brings 39 years as a communications professional with a broad range of sales and marketing expertise. He brings expertise with a focus on the automotive, restaurant, sports and retail fields.

His experience is where the core principles of Saralas marketing approach comes from.  As a company that has been founded in the 21st century Sarala Business Solutions is uniquely positioned to provide your company the growth you desire.

When Vince isn’t busy growing your business he stays busy spending time with family, enjoying basketball, music and investments.

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